Professional development for the future of work

The future of work is exciting, challenging, and filled with possibility.  Professional development should be too. 

Help your employees transition into a new world of work. 

Future Skills teaches your workforce how to learn the skills that power agile organizations. 

We take your audience into the future, give them the insights they need to adapt, and sends them forward with a plan to tackle it all. 

We teach employees and leadership how to adapt to a new world of work and learn new skills. 

Above all, we celebrate skills and learning. 

Your audience is in for a wild ride.

Research Backed

We translate the research on the future of work, in-demand skills, and organizational development into actionable steps to help employees progress towards their upskilling goals.


Professional development shouldn’t put people to sleep. Our training incorporates stories, data, and challenges to ensure your audience leaves ready to accomplish their upskilling goals.

Amazing Results

We don’t just motivate. We teach. Our audiences leave our trainings ready to take action. Participants leave our sessions with workplace challenges and a goal to implement their upskilling plan after the workshop.

Nicolle Merrill
Founder & Chief Learning Officer

Nicolle founded Future Skills to upgrade learning and development for the future of work. She’s the author of Punch Doubt in the Face: How to Upskill, Change Careers, and Beat the Robots. In her book, she translates the headlines about robots taking all the jobs into a guide to help employees navigate the new world of work. 

As the former Associate Director of the Career Development office at Yale School of Management, she coached hundreds of MBA students, launched over 15 new interactive career workshops, and taught digital communication skills to global executives.  

Now, Nicolle helps organizations develop agile employees through upkilling training. She is also the host of the popular career podcast, 50 Conversations, where she teaches listeners how to upskill, change careers, and navigate layoffs. 

Nicolle’s human-centered approach to the future of work, combined with a relentless curiosity about emerging career trends, has led to speaking engagements across the US, as well as in Canada and Ireland.